About Stephanie

Hi! I’m Stephanie…

I’m very happily married to the love of my life. Since we’ve been together for almost 25 years, we know all about the challenges of keeping the spark alive in long-term relationships. We also have 4!! amazing, crazy, awesome kiddos, 3 cats, and a French Bulldog named Henri.


    • My husband and I backpacked through Ireland & the UK for a month in December for our honeymoon
    • Both sets of parents have been married 45+ yrs & all sets of grandparents were married 50+ yrs
    • We had 4 kids in 5 yrs and no twins!!

    A little more about me…

    I’m a born-and-raised California girl currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love the sunshine and the pace of Silicon Valley. I received my bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts from San Jose State & my masters in Psychology from the University of San Francisco.
    I could tell you about my all my trainings, qualifications, and accolades, but I think what you really want to know is, “can she help me?”

    My answer is a wholehearted “yes!”

    I don’t just say I’m an intimacy & relationship expert to seem interesting at dinner parties. I’ve been in practice for a decade and I’ve helped my clients experience incredible transformations.

    I know the thought of signing up for intimacy coaching might seem intimidating or strange at first, but I think you came to my website because you’re ready for a change!

    Stephanie Flood


    Learn the Language to express your intimacy needs

    Sometimes it’s hard to communicate…
    How do you get the love and intimacy that you would like in your relationship. Sometimes its hard to communicate with your partner your needs, I explain how to do this in an easy, understandable way in this course.

    BUT WHAT IF IT DIDN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY…. I give you the language to express your needs and how to communicate with your partner, leaving you both happy and better connected.

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